We are looking to cooperate with traders and everyone
interested for mutually beneficial cooperation

Are You interested in how to effortlessly earn $1000 and possibly
even $3000 in a week? We will explain you how.

Subdivision of dynamically developing
company Chemone Polska Sp. z o.o

We work in the sphere of production and distribution
of chemicals for enterprises of all industries

Rules for cooperation

1. The purchase of goods is always made in a form of pre-funding.
- order by e-mail type and quantity of our products in accordance with the price list from the website.
- we will provide you with an invoice. Please send data for invoice (invoice number and your email address when ordering)
- after receipt of payment to account, we will issue an invoice and within the email will notify you of the date and address of the warehouse where the goods will be sold (POLAND).
- you or your courier receives the ordered goods from the designated warehouse (at your expense).
- an invoice will be sent to the email which we receive with the order.
- if your country has a representative with a license for a country or region, then you perform the entire procedure with him. Your profit is increased by reducing transportation costs.

2. You sell products to clients in our packaging. You make profit in your region. Your profit is a result of your efficiency, the amount of the discount you received when buying, and your own markups, which depend only on you.

3. Selling prices of the product are calculated in US dollars.

4. You cover all shipping costs from the warehouse in Poland to you and your client. If your region has a local distributor, please contact him to reduce transportation costs.

5. You sell products only to industrial customers. Our products are intended for professional use only.

6. If the goods leave the Polish border and supported by documents issued by the border services, our accounting department, in accordance with the laws of Poland, issues a credit invoice, and returns the overpaid VAT to the account, from which the payment was made (less and except any bank charges and commissions).

To avoid misunderstanding in our cooperation, the language in which we communicate is Polish. We provide information and sign contracts in the Polish language. You are responsible for the providing of interpreter services.