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food express

Instructions for use:

  • in the case of severe dirt, the product can be diluted with water in a ratio of from 1:10 to 1: 100.
  • under normal mechanical cleaning a maximum of 1:100.
  • for cleaning machines Karcher and pressure devices maximum dilution is 1: 500.


Universal concentrate for cleaning and degreasing surfaces in contact with food


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FoodExpress is a universal concentrate intended for cleaning and degreasing surfaces in contact with foodstuffs


  • extremely effective
  • quickly and effectively removes grease, oil and other mechanical impurities, which are difficult to remove
  • product is completely safe for people and the environment
  • is biodegradable
  • contains no phosphates and chlorinated dissolving agents


  • FoodExpress is commonly used on the factory.
  • food industry and all collective catering establishments (e.g. restaurants, canteens)
  • used for cleaning surfaces in contact with food products because of the technological purity of the production line or requirements of SANEPID
  • perfect for cleaning walls, floors, machines, including machines of the food industry
  • perfect for cleaning all types of laboratory equipment, porcelain (e.g. plates, glasses)

It should be applied to the surface to be cleaned, and then optionally rinsed.