We are looking to cooperate with traders and everyone
interested for mutually beneficial cooperation

Are You interested in how to effortlessly earn $1000 and possibly
even $3000 in a week? We will explain you how.

Subdivision of dynamically developing
company Chemone Polska Sp. z o.o

We work in the sphere of production and distribution
of chemicals for enterprises of all industries

We offer profitable cooperation with Hydroasisst.

As an agent or franchisee who wants to become our national or regional (covering about 10 million inhabitants) distributor, you must purchase any of the products of our company in the amount of $1 200 000 in accordance with the price list, as of the end client.

The aforementioned purchase and collection from the warehouse are the basis for granting of a license for a certain territory. Confirmation of the license is the conclusion of a treaty.

After payment of 1 200 000 USD and the conclusion of a treaty you will receive the money from the sale of our products and fees from merchants who are already working in your country or region and are specified in our contract.

Your profit consists of three components:

  • 70% from buyers "without discount" as for the end customers
  • 20% from buyers with "discount 50%",
  • % of what you set as a mark-up on the current prices of our products.

You have to be ready for constant fees and costs. These include:

  • Fees for invoices for the products of our company, i.e. 30% of the product price from the current price list in Poland
  • The fee for delivery of our products from Poland to your country and to your client
  • Custom house- if they exist.
  • One-time fees for the adaptation of products to your market (labels, required documentation, etc., which you pay as our agent, or franchisee)

Agent or franchisee, who immediately purchases 5 licenses for different countries or regions (covering approximately 5 x 10 = 50 million people) will receive the recipes and the ability to produce products in his own territory. He can be a distributor for other licensees who purchase products in amount of 1 200 000 USD in their geographical region. More details after the signing of the first license.